Ombre Sapphires & Rainbow Sapphire Suites

om·bré - Having tones of color that shade, ombre in French, into each other, graduating from light to dark or to fade gradually from color to color.
light to royal blue · baby pink to red · mint green to forest green · white to golden yellow · lavender to purple · peach to bright orange · rainbow colors

When working with colorful gemstones, the myriad of colors in various 'ombre' layouts or rainbow suite possibilities is endless. Particularly when working with gemstones including melee that come in every color of the rainbow like corundum (sapphires & rubies) or many colors as in tourmaline and garnets.

Putting together ombre gemstone arrangements such as ombre sapphire or rainbow sapphire suites or maybe mixed gemstone suites with fancy color sapphires such as orange, pink, green etc. mixed with complimentary colorful tourmalines or garnets to shade into each other. This color arrangement of gems is very pleasing to the eye and joyful to the senses.

We don't want you to reinvent the wheel. Let us do what we do --color ombre gemstone suite layouts, so you can do YOU best. This section will provide you with options for custom ombre sapphire suites or some unique pre-designed ombre suites for you to let Your senses run wild!


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